These Floating Villas In The Maldives Are The Closest Thing To Paradise

If you’re looking for a lovely relaxing holiday and you’ve got a few quid to throw about, how about having a look at this?

Soneva Jani is a remote resort in the Maldives that consists of a load of floating five-star places to stay. It looks bloody amazing. If you’re looking for somewhere to float about in the Indian Ocean doing very little – isn’t that what we’re all after? – then this is your place.

It’s got a load of floating water villas, as well as one huge villa that is on the land. Each villa has five-star facilities, and – obviously – plenty of space to swim in and laze around.

There is a restaurant on the island, as well as a cinema, fitness centre and a spot for the kids.

Oh yeah, and some of the villas have their own water slides.

If you don’t fancy a film, you can observe some stars of a different variety by visiting the island’s observatory, or simply rolling back the retracting roof above the master bedroom of all of the water villas and gazing up at the heavens.

It sounds like paradise, and it is probably pretty close, but it does cost a fair whack.

The smallest villa at Soneva Jani costs about $3,000 – $5,000 (£2,300 – £3,800) per night, so you’re gonna have to save for quite a while before you make it there.

The resort sits on the uninhabited island of Medhufaru, one of the most remote corners of the Maldives islands. The whole thing sits within its own private lagoon, so you’re unlikely to be disturbed by anything that isn’t a rare bird or a load of bottlenose dolphins.

Credit: Soneva
Credit: Soneva

If you want to get there, you’ve got to get on board a floating sea-plane that is chartered by Trans Maldivian Airways, which sounds a bit sketchy, but once you arrive, you’re almost guaranteed not to regret it.

The resort manager, Fathimath Shaazleen, told CNN: “The philosophy of the Soneva brand is about slow life, it’s about intelligent luxury.

“When the guests arrive on the island we want to make them feel relaxed.”

Throughout your stay, each villa will have a personal host, known as ‘Mr (or Mrs) Friday’.

They will provide local knowledge, as well as help make your stay as comfortable as possible. For $5,000 per night, you’d hope so, too.

Credit: Soneva
Credit: Soneva

This idea was born at the resort company’s other Maldives resort, Soneva Fushi.

Shaazleen explained: “The whole concept of Soneva Fushi, the experience, was based on Robinson Crusoe. And that’s how the concept of Mr and Mrs Friday came in.

“We wanted to have someone guide the guests through their experiences while they are staying at any of the Soneva properties. That person is not a typical butler, but someone who’s more like a host.”

There you go, get saving now and by the time you retire, you might just be able to get out there.

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