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There is a Need to Control the Amount of Expat Workers in Maldives

There is a need to control the number of expatriate workers in the Maldives, as per the Immigration Controller of the Maldives, Mr Mohamed Ahmed Hussain (Hanafee).

He said this during a tweet directed at what Commissioner of Police, Mr Mohamed Hameed spoke of at the Maldives Partnership Forum regarding being wary of dangers imposed by expats.

Mr Hanafee asserted that Immigration is working on resolving issues related to expats despite the challenges faced by the organization. He explained that they can only reduce the number of expats when authorities arrive at an agreement on numbers of expat visa issued.

There are currently 1,44,607 expats living in the Maldives. Out of this figure, approximately 63,00 expats are living illegally as per statistics accumulated by Immigration.

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