The story behind Club Maldives Cup

It all began exactly fourteen years back from now, during 2006. That was shortly after the introduction of futsal in the Maldives. The idea of the most famous and the most prestigious futsal tournament in the Maldives arose during a conversation between a group of friends, who were working together.

A common thing that these friends ultimately believed was that dedication and positivity can be the driving force towards success. Indeed, they have driven non-stop for a long way and have been reaching milestone after milestone.

Their objective to host a futsal tournament was to produce talented futsal players in the Maldives. So as an initial step towards the goal, Club Maldives was registered.

But do you know? Club Maldives is not just any name that came to the mind. Club was named after Club Maldives, while in search of such a name which creates interest and gives the impression of love towards the beautiful game.

Therefore, registering of Club Maldives was the beginning, which gave birth to the Club Maldives Cup. The rest is history.

At present, after lots of sweat have been wiped from the forehead of those friends, the tournament is finally like a factory which produces futsal talents. It is also the tournament which uses technology most widely in the country.

As Club Maldives makes the final arrangements to host the 14th edition of Club Maldives Cup this month, we wait to see other magical talents this year.

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