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The Standard Maldives is Offering a ‘Stowaway’ to a South Asian Island

It’s been a really, really tough year. But winter solstice ushers in a time to slow down, rebuild, and nurture – an opportunity to lay low and prepare for a brighter 365 days ahead (especially with two actual adults moving into the White House 20 days into the new year).

A possible alternative to accepting the upcoming winter hibernation as an extension of the long, pandemic induced lockdown that this virus called COVID-19 has forced us into, is to count up your pennies, then round up your “pod” and all safely escape together to your own private island. One very, very far away.

Whether one is looking to change up the WFH scenery, or are really in need of just not staring out the very same windows for yet another month, Standard Hotels is now ingeniously offering a Stowaway to Huruvalhi, one of the remote outlets of the Maldives, where private above-water or luxuriously appointed beachside villas beckon. Situated southwest of Sri Lanka and India in the Arabian Sea, the archipelago is comprised of over 1100 islands, of which only about 200 are inhabited. The cultural melting pot of South Asian influences offers miles of pristine beaches, turquoise waters, coral reefs and fishing villages to leisurely explore. From island hopping to diving, coral planting to touring the bioluminescent plankton, it’s absolutely everything your oppressive quarantined city life is not right now.

The villas themselves are styled in the by-now-well-familiar and reliably groovy Standard aesthetic. Done up in cool, neutral tones with playful, sexy pops of colour, each comes with a king-size bed, infinity plunge pool + lounge deck, soaking tub, and a flat-screen TV, where one can plan to pass the days watching cartoons instead of bothering about all the worrying news from back home.

The private island resort is actually a self-contained oasis infused with the influences of indigenous culture. For instance, GUDUGUDA, the signature restaurant, serves up Maldivian fried rice, curry, and cabbage leaf salad, all with fresh ingredients grown on their own agricultural island and cooked by local “aunties” – as well as dishes made with fresh regional fruits and vegetables, and locally caught seafood.

Of course, we would strenuously recommend turning off the mobile for at least half the day every day and spending it in the hammam or hydrotherapy spa. Or just kick back on one of the gorgeous beaches, just gazing ethereally and meditatively out over the bright blue sea…until the word coronavirus virtually fades from memory.

The Stowaway package offers 14 or 28 night stays in villas accommodating up to eight people. Prices start at $3000 and $5000 respectively, with an additional 25% off all food and beverages. Book by December 31st, and start planning to make 2021 the awesome year no one was allowed to have in 2020.

Full details are available at the link below:

Source URL: Google News

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