Health is a basic right to every citizen in the Maldives. Health services in the Maldives are delivered through primary health care. Most people travel abroad for medical treatments due to the unavailability of certain health services in the Maldives. However, the year 2016 brought tremendous developments to the health sector with a number of new services made available in the Maldives. Indira Gandhi Memorial Hospital (IGMH), the country’s central hospital, has elevated its potential and now provides many quality medical services and treatments that were not available previously.

The government hospital, IGMH has opened an upgraded ICU, a theatre complex, non-invasive ventilation unit, a national Uro-Renal and Fertility Centre, and a total laboratory automation system that enables the receipt of reports in 2 hours. With the newly developed of the UroRenal Centre and urological services, IGMH is now capable of undertaking major surgeries in this field. In collaboration with the NU hospitals Bangalore, India, IGMH has planned on starting treatments for kidney-related issues in the near future. Moreover, the centre is also aiming to initiate kidney transplant procedures. This would be a first in the country and will be regarded as one of the key accomplishments of the health sector. The health sector being one of the major priorities of the government, a considerable amount has also been allotted in the government budget towards the acquisition of new facilities. With these advancements, the citizens of Maldives will be able to avail superior services right here, in the Maldives. Furthermore, the upgraded and renovated ICU is now capable of accommodating additional patients and on-bed dialysis procedure inside the ICU. The hospital has also taken care of patients with breathing disorders with the help of the non-invasive ventilation unit which takes precautionary care for treating infections. This is also a totally completely new undertaking by the hospital.

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