The Maldives Finance Forum 2017: Haleem and his vision for the Pension Office

At the helm of Maldives Pension Administration Office is Mr. Abdul Haleem who serves as their Director of Finance and Fund Management. A state policeman during his post-secondary education, Haleem ditched the corporate attire to translate fire truck manuals into Dhivehi. This job lasted him a mere 15 days. Soon after he was on a plane to Australia which earned him a Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting as well as a distinguished member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants.

In 2010, Haleem joined the Pension Office as an accountant. He has filled a number of positions prior to his current role of Director of Finance. Haleem recalls the tough times when he joined the Pension office where by managing the pension fund was a major challenge. Further challenges included lack of auditing help and day to day book keeping. The Pension Administration office has not looked back ever since. His services were critical in making the Pension office what it is today.

The Pension Administration Office has invested in the recently announced treasury bill as well as purchase of shares from Dhiraagu during their IPO. Heleem expressed that the introduction of recognition bonds was a big achievement for the Pension Office. He dreams of a day that the Pension Plan would be run in a much grander scale as well as being able to invest in multiple projects around the country. Such a project would be the Maldives Finance Forum.

Maldives Finance Forum, organized by Maldives Pension Administration office is set to take place at Kurumba Maldives on the 11th of May 2017. The 6th annual session is themed as “Investment Management Industry and Emergence of Professional Investment Management in the Maldives”.

The theme of this year comes after CDMA formulated the regulatory frame for growing investment management in the Maldives. It’s quite certain that such a forum would benefit the Maldivian financial and capital market immensely. Maldives Financial Forum is free and is an invitation only event targeted at Financial Institutions, Accounting Services Providers, Policy Making Ministries, State and Private Funds, Academics and limited seats for members of the public.

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