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The Late Stages of the Maldives Crisis Causing Global Actions

Iran Daily, contrary to the other news outlets mentioned above, focuses on the relationship between China and India with the Maldives. China and India have different answers to the question of whether the Maldives should handle the crisis independently. China has decided to take action in response to India’s intervention by deploying warships to the East Indian Ocean. Iran emphasizes China and India’s rivalry and how they are both watching each other closely amidst the Maldives crisis.

Also speaking of the relationship between the Maldives and India, The Nation, a news source of Thailand, relays their thoughts on India’s unstable and wary position in relation to the Maldives. According to The Nation, their policy choices are limited due to the disapproval by China and other nations to meddle in the Maldives. With China’s deployment of warships in the Indian Ocean, India has many concerns.

Due to the current situation in the Maldives, Indonesia now has hope for membership within the UN Security Council. Jakarta Globe explains how Indonesia is currently set up against the Maldives for one seat in the Asia-Pacific group. Indonesia is purportedly confident about the bid, due to the unstable situation in the Maldives. The political crisis is not only affecting the Maldives and its citizens, but also its international image and power in the UN.

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