The Government of Maldives once again appeals to the Adhaalath Party, the Jumhooree Party, and the Maldivian Democratic Party to re-engage in All-Party-Talks – Press Releases

The Government of Maldives today has once again renewed invitations to the Adhaalath Party, the Jumhooree Party and the Maldivian Democratic Party to participate in All-Party Talks as the Government has received no response from these parties to its multiple invitations calling for All-Party Talks.

The Government notes with disappointment that despite issuing invitations a total of eight times since 15 February 2016, no response has been received from these political parties. The Government stands ready and willing to engage in open and frank dialogue with all relevant stakeholders in the hopes of alleviating some of the political discord present in the Maldives today.

Taking note of the Conclusions issued by the Foreign Affairs Council of the European Union yesterday, the Government of Maldives acknowledges the importance of and reaffirms its commitment towards engaging in productive discussions to address the current political disputes in the Maldives. Therefore, the Government urges these political parties to participate in the All-Party Talks, to support the conduct of free, fair and credible Presidential elections in September of this year.

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Source URL: The President's Office

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