The creative duo behind the ‘Hot Pot and Mongolian Hat’ ambience

Recently we opened up a new avenue for foodies, dubbed as the ‘Hot Pot and Mongolian Hat’ dining experience. Located behind Inguru restaurant, this scenic venue provides a novel communal dining system of the Far Eastern delicacies. But let’s not forget the fine features of the mural wall embellished by tribal art and design, thanks to top upcoming artists Lisa Mam and Peap Tarr.

Name: Lisa Mam Origin: Phnom Penh, Cambodia Lisa is a pioneer of Cambodian Urban art & a rising star on the scene. A true trailblazer of the urban art movement, she specializes in Khmer Graffiti /Street Art and also the creativeness of the future Khmer Urban movement to be seen all around the world which she believes will help boost urban Khmer Art.

Name: Peap Tarr Origin: Auckland, New Zealand & Phnom Penh, Cambodia In more recent times Peap has been able to merge his art with a business side having been able to spark a new Urban Art movement in Phnom Penh Cambodia alongside his partner Lisa Mam who have both brought new international attention to themselves and a focus to Phnom Penh Cambodia where they both reside and create. Point blank-Peap’s version of street art is truly unique. Working almost exclusively in black and white, Peap’s tribal patterns take as much influence from his New Zealand heritage as they do from his Cambodian heritage.

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