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The controversy of shops, cafes and restaurants being opened 24 hours now open for public opinion

Although the public has conflicts regarding the shops and cafes to provide service for 24 hours, the majority of the citizens are well pleased regarding the provision of the service for 24 hours as it can benefit small businesses. However, few have disagreed as it was never practised before while highlighting the risk of vandalism for shops.

While franchise companies operating in the Maldives are restricted to operate for 24 hours, local companies are allowed to do so under certain conditions such as having a sign that reads ’24/7′, restriction of smoking from midnight 1 to 4:30 AM along with a CCTV camera operating for 24 hours.

Permits to operate for 24 hours are issued for 2 years and require renewal after the end of 2 years. However, if the businesses are not following the conditions, their permits will be suspended for six months as a first-time offence while it will be revoked if the act is being repeated.

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