The Amazing Beauty That Is Kandolhu Island, Maldives

Our final island in the Maldives was definitely one of my favourites of the 8 islands we’d visited! That island was Kandolhu.


The fact that it’s included in Small Luxury Hotels of the world was kind of a giveaway before we arrived that it would be good but somehow it still managed to surprise and impress me.

A lot of that has to do with the people, I reckon. For starters, when we arrived, we got to the island far too early to check in and rather than leave us waiting, they provided us with another villa to chill in until our water villa was ready.

Pretty sweet, right? No awkward hanging around while we waited though this would probably be one of the best places in the world to ‘hang around’… (And to be fair, it did rain for like the first 30 minutes after we arrived so it was nice to just chill indoors).

There are 32 in total on Kandolhu (…I think, 30 for guests and an extra 2, y’know, just in case) and so things are a lot more intimate on this island.

* Fun fact: Kandolhu has the most number of restaurants to guests and you can pretty much dine here almost round the clock (there are 7 restaurants – at last count, all for 30 villas). Breakfast is served right up till lunch (like if breakfast finished at 12.59pm, lunch starts at 1.00pm) and the same goes for lunch till dinner. Essentially, you don’t ever have to worry about creating a schedule which works best for your meal times – your meal time works best for whatever schedule you have.

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