The 6 rules of success as interpreted by Mr Hussain Afeef

Mr Hussain Afeef at Corporate Maldives Gold 100 Gala

Success can only be achieved through consistent, unparalleled hard work. You need to be passionate about the work that you do and you need to love your job. Success comes slowly but surely, as long as you put in the effort and keep working towards it.

Mr Hussain Afeef, a pioneer businessman and entrepreneur, winner of Corporate Maldives lifetime achievement award, is responsible for both the instigation and expansion of several key industries in the Maldives, including the Tourism and Hospitality Industry has lived an inspirational life that teaches us many lessons to elevate on the ladder of success. The following qualities are just some that you require in order to become successful in your field of work.

1. Keep your dream alive
In order to be a successful individual, you need to see where you desire to go in your mind. In spite of the difficulties that you face, have the passion not to give up. Mr Hussain Afeef always had his dream clearly imprinted in his mind. Ever since the time tourism was non-existent, he believed that tourism had potential in the Maldives. He made sure to keep his dream alive even though he could not predict the future of the industry.

2. Have passion, work hard
Hard work is what gets you to success in any field in life. Things do not simply come to you and you will need to put in the best effort you can in order to succeed. Mr. Afeef has always been a man of hard work. Even though he currently is such an influential person, he too had a very humble beginning. He has cooked, cleaned and even been a tour guide in order to get to where he is today. This proves that in order to get to new and greater heights, starting from the bottom and working hard is a necessity.

3. Maintain a great reputation
Being a successful person also requires you to have an inspirational and untarnished image. Your reputation should be slate clean. In order to do this, the most basic thing that you can do is to make sure that the services provided by you are satisfactory. Mr. Afeef makes a great example of this by training his staff properly no matter their rank in order to provide the best services. He makes sure that his employees are capable of keeping his image along with his company’s image.

4. Focus on culture
In order for work to succeed there needs to be specific culture and ethics in the office. Everyone needs to work with a goal in their minds, actively moving towards success. In the case of Mr. Afeef, he also focused on a specific work culture. He believes that their cause of success is because we have been awake, in the sense, we have not lost ourselves. And because their needs have not been so much that we have to move beyond our means.

5. Customers are always number 1
The driving forces behind a successful business are many in number, However, the single most important stakeholders are the customers. If you are able to please them in any case, rest assured, your business will continue to flourish due to your excellent reputation. Mr. Afeef, a man of such principles has always prioritized the customers and made sure that they receive the most satisfactory services. During the beginning of the industry, he faced difficulties in communicating with the tourists and yet, he never backed down and embraced the challenges and still took the resort to greater heights in order for it to become as successful as it is today.

6. Get used to rejection
Rejections and obstacles can’t be avoided in the corporate world or any world. However, if you let it stand in your way, success will stray further and further from you. In order to succeed accept the challenges, face your rejection and keep your head held high and keep working harder than ever. Mr. Afeef too has faced such obstacles and difficulties. During the infancy of the tourism industry such as issues which stemmed from the lack of resources such as proper communications equipment and logistics. Undaunted by such obstacles, the tourism pioneer found alternate methods to get things done, even using Morse code to get supplies via Sri Lanka.

There is no secret recipe for success. However, these are some qualities that are basic necessities in a successful individual in order to achieve their desired achievements. Apply these principles in life and you’ll see significant changes in how your life works out.

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It is unfortunate that Mr Afeef has completely forgotten to mention the most important of his rules: