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Terrorists in paradise: Why did the Maldives become one of the world’s biggest exporters of Isil foot soldiers?

Why has the Maldives – a haven for British tourists – been among the world’s biggest exporters of Isil foot soldiers? And what will happen to all those honeymooning couples when the jihadis return home? CREDIT: GETTY IMAGES

Most visitors to islands in the Maldives are treated to quite a reception. It’s not just the crystalline blue waters and astonishing coral reefs, or the fine, golden sand. It’s the welcome. The smiling faces of resort staff lined up on the jetty, waiting to help you off the launch and into the time of your life: the petals scattered underfoot, the massages, the air-conditioned chocolate cave – no effort is too great. After all, it’s not cheap. The Maldives received more than 1.3 million tourists last year, 100,000 of them British, with some paying £4,000 a night for the privilege.

Eleven years ago, however, one particular group of visitors to an island here got a very different reception.


Full details are available at the link below:

Source URL: Google News

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Maldives has become the main recruiting ground for jihadis because of the country’s preoccupation with wahabbi islam, probably the most hardline and intolerant sect of islam. Surprising since Maldivians are converts to islam and have no arab ancestry whatsoever. This hardline islam could easily jeopardise your tourist business. Radical islam, terrorism, hijabs and burqas are major irritants for western tourists who have suffered at the hands of radicalised sunni muslim nutters for decades. Unless Maldives tones down its practice of Saudi sponsored hardline islam you will also antagonise your regional neighbours many of whom have no interest in your toxic… Read more »