Ten Reasons Why The Maldives is the Ultimate Destination for Luxury Travel Inspiration

It’s nearly two weeks since I got back from The Maldives but I’ll be forever dreaming of that powder white sand beneath my feet and the sound of the Indian Ocean in my ears. Perhaps one of the most beautiful places that I’ve ever visited, it’s no wonder that it was a place that provided inspiration for me.

It’s totally unique, made of twenty six atolls it is the world’s most geographically dispersed as well as being the smallest Asian country and the world’s lowest country. I have lots of posts coming up about my time here but I thought I’d start with a taster of why this incredible country inspired me so much.

1. Over Water Villas

There are actually very few places in the world that are ideal for this one of a kind accommodation. Volcanic islands surrounded by still lagoons an as every island is completely flat, The Maldives is the perfect location for over water villas.

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