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Talented Olivia is living the dream in Maldives paradise

How about this for a dream job? – singing and recording on the South Asia paradise island country, The Maldives.

It does sound too good to be true, but for super talented local singer/songwriter Olivia Deane it’s what’s happening right now.

Milnrow-raised country music fanatic Olivia, who worked at the Mahdlo Youth Zone in Oldham until being whisked away to The Maldives recently, told the Chronicle: “The Maldives is beautiful.

“It’s in the Indian Ocean off the coast of India so it’s super hot here at the moment.

“I’ll be spending the rest of the year singing in The Maldives.

“It really is my dream job and I feel very lucky to have escaped the tier 3 lockdown back in Manchester.

“I was recommended by a friend who did the same thing at the start of this year.

“French music producer Mathieu Garcia took a look at some of my videos and before I knew it I was on an aeroplane with three suitcases and a guitar ready to start a new adventure!

“I have two singles coming out while I am over here and one of them is coming out on November 13.

“It’s called ‘Christmas Without You’ and I think it’s a song that will be felt deeply by a lot of people after such a difficult 2020.

“The single releases are keeping me busy and I’m so excited to get more music out into the world.”

Olivia, who is still in her early 20s, has clearly already made considerable waves with her sweet, original country tunes proving increasingly popular with a steadily increasing audience.

A self-taught guitar player since 2017, Olivia played the ukelele first, only to find that particular instrument a little too restricting.

She subsequently took up the acoustic guitar and is now earning rave reviews from all across the globe having been brought up listening to the likes of Shania Twain, the Dixie Chicks, and even Elvis Presley.

Check out Olivia Deane’s Facebook page for updates and latest information direct from The Maldives.

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