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Swine flu found in Maldives, but not a pandemic, says HPA

March 13 09:26 2017

Amidst a seasonal spike in respiratory infections and influenza, the Health Protection Agency has found H1N1 positive cases during routine influenza surveillance and testing.

“However, this is not similar to the swine flu pandemic,” the HPA said in a statement released at 1:00am on Monday.

The agency did not reveal the number of swine flu cases.

The HPA explained that the H1N1 flu virus has been circulating as a normal seasonal influenza every year since the 2009 pandemic when it was a new strain. More people have since developed immunity and the virus does not spread as fast.

“As such, H1N1 is now similar to any other influenza and not any more severe or dangerous,” the HPA said.

“However, very young children, the elderly and those with certain pre-existing conditions such as lung diseases can have more severe disease or have complications when infected with any type of influenza.”

Full details are available from the link below:

Source URL:  Maldives Independent

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