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Sweet delights of Kuramathi


This month, we feature some of our finest cakes on offer for our guests. Some are revamped renditions of existing cakes recreated to suit the ambience of our tropical island. Birthday cake: Heart or pebble-shaped, this vanilla cream cheesecake provides a rich, yummy experience!

Screwpine Mousse Cake: A refined version of an authentic Maldivian delicacy, available at The Reef. Wedding cake: The traditional cake fit for a romantic ceremony and as a sugary feast!

The croissant trilogy: Inspired by our Executive Pastry Chef Nicolas Descriaux – This is a delectable a mix of the traditional croissant, (pairs perfectly with a cup of coffee), almond croissant with a vanilla almond cream centre, and the innovative bi-coloured croissants flaunting aesthetic pleasure both in and out!

And lastly, what steals the show is two entries from our fine dining Duniye restaurant. Firstly, the cleverly coined ‘Acidulous Verbena Mouth Watering Ball’ a lightness, the right balance between sweet and tangy flavours. Last but not the least; the aptly named ‘Lemongrass and Ginger Panna Cotta with Aloe Vera Salsa’; a dessert dish created solely to tantalise the taste buds!

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