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Suspected drugs washing up on Uligan shores

The vessel that crashed on the reef of Haa Alifu atoll Innafinolhu: The crew tried to flee after setting the vessel aflame. (Photo/MNDF)

Maldives Police Service has been mobilized after suspected packages of drugs started washing up on the shores of Haa Alifu atoll Uligan.

Talking to Sun Media tonight, the Vice President of the Uligan Island Council, Ahmed Ziyad Hassan said that police have been notified after suspicious packages started washing up on the island’s shores after sunset.

Ziyad said that a large number of packages have been washing up and the police are looking into it. He said that officers are investigating the island’s beaches and the surrounding sea.

Sources have told Sun Media that the suspected packages that are washing up on the shores of Uligan are believed to be drugs and heavily burned.

While suspected packages are washing up on the shores of Uligan, a vessel that crashed on the reef of Haa Alifu atoll Innafinolhu was set on fire today and the crew jumped into the sea to avoid capture by the MNDF. However, the fire onboard was controlled by MNDF.

In relation to the incident, the Police Media Official said that the police are searching the vessel as it contains signs of drugs.

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