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Suspect was found dead inside a cell toilet

Sources have revealed that the female suspect who died while in custody was found dead inside the toilet of her cell.

Maldives Police Service said that the suspect who died today was 23-year-old Nashaya Rasheed from Noonu Atoll Manadhoo, was a suspected in a mugging.

Sun Media has learned that she was found dead inside the toilet of her cell at the remand jail. Sources have said that she was found with a green liquid coming out of her nose and mouth, with her eyes open.

A media official of the Police told Sun Media tonight that the body is currently at the mortuary in Galolhu.

The Vice President of the Manadhoo Island Council, Hussain Nazeed said that her family left for Male’ City around 9:30 p.m. this evening. Councilor Nazeed said that Nashaya was living in the capital, away from her family and was last at the island last June.

A statement issued by the police regarding the death in jail said that all her rights were granted and a request has been made at the Human Rights Commission (HRCM) and the National Integrity Commission to investigate her death.

The police statement also said that they want the HRCM and the Integrity Commission to talk to the family and do an autopsy.

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