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Supreme Court orders suspension of Adeeb’s passport

Supreme Court has issued a temporary court order on Maldives Immigration to suspend the passport of former Maldivian Vice President Ahmed Adeeb Abdul Gafoor.

The court order was granted at the request of the State which has appealed the decision to overturn the eight-year prison sentence issued against Adeeb for embezzling USD 1 million paid by Kuredu Holdings to MMPRC as acquisition cost to develop a resort in Maabinhura.

Supreme Court has ordered Maldives Immigration to suspend Adeeb’s passport pending the outcome of the appeal proceedings or until the court orders otherwise.

Adeeb was allowed to leave to India under the supervision of Maldives Correctional Service for medical treatment on June 14. He is scheduled to return to the Maldives on June 26.

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