Supreme Court: Anti-Defection Act doesn’t need to be abolished

The Anti-Defection Act, passed by the People’s Majlis this year, does not need to be abolished, says the Supreme Court.

The Supreme Court made its decision in the case filed by the opposition MP for Hinnavaru constituency, Ibrahim Mohamed Solih, the MP for Kendhoo constituency, Ali Hussain and the MP for Makunudhoo constituency, Anaara Naeem with the unanimous vote of all judges.

Delivering the verdict, the Chief Judge Presiding, Dr Ahmed Abdulla Didi, said that the Anti-Defection Act was passed within the guidelines of the Supreme Court and there is no legal precedence to abolish the act presented by the plaintiffs.

The verdict also stated that floor-crossing in the parliament is something that needs to be stopped since controlling the parliament with financial influence is against the constitution.

The biggest debate after the Anti-Defection Act was passed was that there weren’t enough MPs on the floor to pass the laws that concern the public. The Constitution states that over half of the parliament must be present to pass such a law.

Regarding the matter, the Supreme Court ruling said that the documents sent to the Attorney General from the parliament show that the parliament has been halted.

The state noted at the Supreme Court that some MPs have not been attending the parliament and walking out on votes to achieve an alternative motive and it could do irrevocable damage to the nation.

And so the Supreme Court ruled that in such conditions, having the appropriate number of MPs as per law can be overruled under the doctrine of necessity.

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