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Sun Online relaunched after rebranding

sun media group re launch

Sun Media Group has been relaunched and its online media platform Sun Online re-upped after a one-month break for rebranding.

SMG’s operations were suspended for rebranding on September 5.

Speaking at the function held at the National Art Gallery to relaunch SMG last Monday evening, Acting CEO of SMG and the Chief Editor of Sun Online, Ahmed Zahir (Hiriga) said Sun Online introduced the culture of delivering news of events as it unfolds to Maldives when it was founded in 2010.

“Today, Sun Online is a brand name in Maldives. We will, with the grace of Almighty Allah, continue maintaining the brand,” said Hiriga.

Sun Media Group relaunch event at National Art Gallery on October 15, 2018. (Photo/Sun)

During his speech, Hiriga said the role of the media is to create impact or deliver news and information to create an outcome. He said the mediums under the umbrella of SMG have worked in such a manner.

He also expressed confidence SMG will continue adhering to the code of ethics and conduct in media and achieve more competitive success.

SMG relaunched its operations with a redesigned website.

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