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Sukhasana with a Sikh in Maldives – Times of India

Dr Kamalroop Singh

AMRITSAR: The sight of a man in a Nihang’s robes may be unexpected at the beaches of Maldives. But Dr Kamalroop Singh, a Ph.D in Sikh studies from the UK, adds to the idyll of this retreat by teaching yoga, pranayam and de-stressing techniques to tourists who swarm the place. Not only do tourists get their dose of relaxation, they are also familiarised with the teachings of the Sikh gurus. All this is done with a scientific angle that makes his arguments all the more persuasive.

“I wanted to do sewa, so, after researching Western academic material on stress, I created a system to tackle modern day stress based on scientific findings and yoga,” said. According to him, his work is based on the work of Dr Benson, who coined the famous ‘relaxation response’ to the fight or flight instinct that produces stress. Singh swears by the efficacy of his techniques, which include guided relaxation, stretches, deep breathing, meditation, maintaining balance and composure. Singh said the crux of his teaching is the art of going with the flow.Guru Nanak Dev, he said, exhorted humanity to remain within “hukum.”

“If we look at this from a religious viewpoint, it means following the divine will or going with the flow. When we go against the current of life, we get stressed. We must be in the moment and move with the current. That is what I teach my students through yoga, pranayam and mantras,” he explained.

Most of the tourists who avail the benefits of his techniques have been leading increasingly stressful lives, he said. When asked about people’s reaction to a Sikh teaching Yoga and pranayam, he said his presence in the Maldives, which is a flourishing tourist destination, raises the profile of Sikhs. “I have been welcomed and complimented by everyone on the island,” he said

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