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Study: 6 percent of labor force unemployed

A study published by the National Bureau of Statistics show 6 per cent of the 151,706-people labour force in the Maldives is unemployed.

The Household Income and Expenditure Survey 2016 published by the NBS shows 93 per cent of the labour force in the Maldives are employed.

According to the study, 263,311 people are above the age of 15 years; out of whom 75 per cent of males and 42 per cent of females are part of the labour force. And 25 per cent of the males and 58 per cent of the females are not part of the labour force.

47 per cent of the 151,706-people labour force is stationed in the capital, Male’ City. And 53 per cent are stationed in the atolls.

The labour force comprises of people who are employed and people who aren’t employed but are actively seeking employment.

Those above the age of 15 years who aren’t employed and aren’t actively seeking employment are excluded from the workforce.

Resorts, industrial zones and collective living quarters which house more than 10 people were excluded from this study.

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