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‘Student injured in violent attack was not involved in original fight’

Entrance gates of Thaajuddeen School in capital Male.

Entrance gates of Thaajuddeen School in capital Male.

Mihaaru has found out that the student who was injured in the violent attack in Thaajudeen School on Tuesday had no connection to the original cause behind the attack.

A source on condition of anonymity told Mihaaru that the feud began when a student had pushed another down the stairs during interval. The second student had retaliated, hitting the one who had pushed him. The source added that afterwards both students, who are in the tenth grade, had been taken to the leading teacher’s room.

However, the student who had begun the fight had fled and left the school grounds at that time.

He later returned with another person and attacked the victim of the incident, who was another student not involved in the original fight, with a pair of scissors.

Mihaaru understands that this student had been waiting after the school session to attend extra classes. The source said that he had been eating with four other students at a bench when he was attacked.

The student was treated for his injures at Indira Gandhi Memorial Hospital (IGMH) and has since been discharged.

The attackers had tried to run away, but were caught and subdued by some parents. Both the student and his accomplice are now in police custody.

Full details are available at the link below:

Source URL: Mihaaru-News

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