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Student attacked inside Malé school building

Two men assaulted a student inside school premises Tuesday, reports local media.

The pair entered Thaajuddeen School in Malé after midday with the crowd of parents who had come to pick up their children, and attacked the tenth grader.

The attackers were stopped by parents as they attempted to flee the scene.

Police have confirmed the men are in police custody and that an investigation is under way.

“At the end of the school session when the parents were going in to pick up their kids, the two attackers entered the building and assaulted the student. He split his head,” an eye-witness told Mihaaru.

Indira Gandhi Memorial Hospital confirmed they released the student after treating him for his head injury.

“This is a very scary thing. There’s no safety for our children inside schools either, right?” tweeted Yumna Maumoon, a former education minister.

There have been 33 cases of assault reported so far in 2018.

Full details are available at the link below:

Source URL:  Maldives Independent

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