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Stolen safe recovered from toilet of mosque

Police have arrested a 19-year old Maldivian man who stole a safe from a house in Maafannu last night and recovered the safe and items inside.

The safe was found in the toilet of a mosque and the items inside were recovered from the roof of the house.

The man who stole the safe was arrested after he was apprehended by the occupants of the house. The man had reportedly tried to escape by jumping off the roof of the house before he was caught. The man had also suffered injuries in the form of mild cuts from glass glued to the top of the wall of the house.

Police searched the area after arresting the man and recovered the contents of the safe from the roof including a container of coins and an electric saw. the safe was recovered from the toilet of a nearby mosque. Police informed that the man arrested had a small knife in his possession and some electronic equipment.

The contents of the safe have now been returned to the owners and Police are now investigating the matter.

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