STO to sell Onion, Potato and Eggs equivalent to the Market Price

STO has begun to sell onion, potato and eggs at the same price as the market. The price of an onion sack is Mrf 170 whereas the price of 1 kilo is Mrf 8. The price of a case of egg is Mrf 270 whereas a single egg is sold at Mrf 1.50. Additionally, a sack of potato is sold at Mrf 220.

Looking into the market prices, it can be observed that it is almost the same price as the prices of STO. The market price of an onion sack is between Mrf 160 to 170 where 1 kilo is for Mrf 9 to 10. 1 potato sack is sold between Mrf 220 to 250 and one case of egg is sold for Mrf 270.

Full details are available from the link below:


Source URL: Corporate Maldives

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