STO Introduces Jedida Margarine to Maldives

STO Supermart has introduced a well-known brand of Tunisian margarine called Jadida to the Maldivian markets. They have brought in 5 sizes of the margarine and are selling them at affordable prices. The sizes brought include 250 g, 450 g, 1 kg, 2.5 kg targeted towards normal houses along with 9.5 kg specialized for restaurants and bakeries.

Looking at the retail prices of the margarine, 250 g costs MVR 15, 450 g costs MVR 22, 1 kg costs MVR 45, 2.5 kg costs MVR 90 whereas 9.5 kg costs MVR 270. In addition, those who make wholesale purchases will receive additional discounts as per STO.

Jadida margarine is quality, delicious, and the most affordable margarine in the Maldives markets, as per State Trading Organization (STO). They will be available for purchase from STO Supermart for retail buyers, at STO Supermart Wholesale for wholesale buyers and also from STO’s regional outlets as per STO.

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Source URL: Corporate Maldives

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