Statistics: 7 percent jump in tourist arrivals

Statistics published by the Ministry of Tourism show a seven per cent increase in the number of tourist arrivals to the Maldives by end of November 2018, compared to the previous year.

Statistics show 125,601 tourists visited the Maldives in November alone. And 1,333,456 tourists visited the Maldives from January to November.


  1. Europe: 643,655 arrivals (48.3 percent)
  2. Asia Pacific: 567,891 arrivals (42.5 percent)
  3. Americas: 61,044 arrivals (4.6 percent)
  4. Middle East: 47,597 arrivals (3.6 percent)
  5. Africa: 12,993 arrivals (1 percent)


  1. China: 20 percent
  2. Germany: 8 percent
  3. UK: 7.8 percent
  4. Italy 6.6 percent
  5. India: 5.7 percent
  6. Russia: 4.3 percent
  7. France: 3.3 percent
  8. US: 2.8 percent
  9. Japan: 2.8 percent
  10. Australia: 2.6 percent

Tourist arrivals from all top 10 countries, except for China, show an increase compared to 2017.

The Maldives currently has 44,345 tourist beds, out of which an average of 41,715 beds remained occupied throughout the year from January to November.

Statistics also show a 10.4 per cent increase in time spent by tourists in the Maldives.

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