State not negligent in jailed ex-VP’s health: Minister

Ahmed Adheeb

Former VP Ahmed Adheeb escorted back to prison after a court hearing. PHOTO: NISHAN ALI/MIHAARU

Home minister Azleen has stated that jailed former vice president Ahmed Adheeb was accorded with all the medical facilities available in the country and the state was not negligent in his welfare.

Speaking on a Public Service Media (PSM) program on state television, Azleen proclaimed that the accusations directed at the government alleging negligence in Adheeb’s welfare were baseless and done with the intention of creating mistrust.

“The state provides for his requirements within his rights and is not neglecting his health, but since he is convicted of embezzling state funds, we cannot grant him permission to travel abroad on medical grounds as the risk of him absconding is too high, and the state might loose the opportunity to retrieve the stolen funds forever.”

Adheeb’s family had on multiple counts sought permission from the government to send the former vice president abroad for medical treatment, claiming that he was suffering from glaucoma, kidney stones and an internal cyst. They also accused the authorities of not providing sufficient treatment for Adheeb, and that his eyesight was deteriorating.

The authorities had previously also stated that Adheeb would be granted permission to travel abroad and seek medical attention if he returned all the embezzled state funds, for which he was convicted.

Furthermore, the minister added that no country in the world would allow convicted felons to travel abroad for medical treatments. He also refuted claims that the government had prejudices against Adheeb, and stated that he was treated as humanely as any other prisoner.

Adheeb had filed at the Civil Court seeking an order that would allow him to go abroad for medical treatment. The hearings of the case are currently underway.

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