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All eyes swivelled from the windows to the cockpit as our seaplane pilot turned away from the aircraft’s controls to lean back and face the passenger cabin. Rendered mute by the roar of the engines, he jabbed his forefinger ominously in the direction ahead. Puzzled, I turned back to the window and moments later spotted a golden lobster of monstrous proportions rising out of the Indian Ocean. A freakishly beautiful mutant basking alongside a speck of jungle foliage, cast adrift amid vast cerulean waters.

Our pilot traced a circle around the island and a beached whale shark came into view on the opposite shore – its gaping mouth turned to the sky in a seeming attempt to swallow our seaplane whole. I had travelled to the Maldives expecting to be wowed by the marine life, but this surreal encounter in the remote Dhaalu atoll had succeeded in transporting me to a wondrous new realm before I had so much as dipped a toe in the teeming waters.

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