Special Ops disperse opposition protesters

Photo: Avas

Police intervened in protests by opposition supporters in the capital Saturday night, local media reported.

Protesters gathered at Republic Square in front of the Presidential Jetty as President Abdulla Yameen arrived in Malé from a trip abroad. They called for his resignation as he drove away.

They later gathered in the same spot, but were pushed back by Special Ops. The crowd then reassembled near Jumhooree Party headquarters Kunooz in the Mafaannu ward of the capital.

Special Ops arrived at the scene and dispersed the protesters.

Photos showed protesters holding placards that said “Stop the damages and injury to Gasim” and “Against stealing and corruption”.

A bill passed in 2016 gave police authority over protests in Malé, after a ban on street protests by the Home Ministry.

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Source URL:  Maldives Independent

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