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Smart-meters to be installed in Male’ streetlights

Environment Ministry has announced that they will be installing smart meters on the streetlights of Male’.

Speaking in the event held this Thursday to handover LED light bulbs donated by Energy Efficiency Service of India for distribution to Maldivian households to Fenaka Corporation, Environment Minister Dr Hussain Rasheed Hassan said that the LED light instalment in Male’ streetlights would reduce the usage of electricity.

He added that the government has decided to install smart meters on the streetlights.

The installation of LED lights in 2,500 street lights of Male’ City was initiated on the March 31, following the signing of an MoU between the Maldivian Environment Ministry and Energy Efficiency Service Limited of India.

“Smart-meters work the same as phone systems. If a street light in one area gets disconnected, a powerhouse at a faraway distance will be able to detect it. Just like how a phone can be detected using GPRS,” said the Minister.

Minister also stated that they will also be able to dim the lights when no one is around in the streets during the night, in order to further increase energy efficiency.

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