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Singha Estate to open a Marine Discovery Centre in Maldives

Famous international hotel chain, Singha Estate has opened a Marine Discovery Centre in Thailand and plans on opening one in the Maldives.

The Thai property firm, which has invested USD 800million in Embudu Lagoon Crossroads project, opened the discovery centre in Thailand’s Phi Phi Island Village, run by Singha Estate in the Phi Phi Don of Krabi province. Students residing in Ko Phi Phi Don also took part in the opening ceremony of the discovery centre.

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Singha Estate plans on opening a bigger and more developed Marine Discovery Centre in Embudu Lagoon. Chief Hospitality Officer Dirk De Cuyper stated that the centre will be opened along with the two resorts which will be opened during the first phase of the crossroads project.

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“Maldives is currently one of our biggest projects. We have a team of marine biologists working at the destination and making preparations for the marine discovery centre now as well”, mentioned Dirk. He explained that the purpose of opening a marine discovery centre was to protect the environment and for the private sector to also be involved in providing information to the general public about protecting the environment.

“The students here are very enthusiastic and keen on learning about the marine life. We are anticipating that the project will be very successful in the Maldives as well” Dirk further stated.

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