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Shooting in less than perfect visibility in the Maldives

[Image: Maldives looking its most colourful. Image by Duxy (see story below).]

I’ve recently returned from the Maldives on the rather swish and fabulous MV Orion, one of the stars of the Constellation Fleet. Your approach to taking pictures in the Maldives has to be altered as the seasons and locations alter.

At times of the year the visibility can rival the Red Sea; however, a lot of the time it is compromised by comparison.

One of the reasons that the waters in this area are frequented by large pelagic beasts like Manta and Whalesharks is because of the tiny plankton providing the major food for these ocean giants. This tiny plankton, in the main, is what hampers the visibility. If you’ve kept track of my recent Facebook posts of those Manta and Whalesharks though, you could be forgiven for thinking that the visibility was crystal clear. And certain adaptations are what is needed to shoot in this less than perfect visibility to make your photos look like the viz is clearer than it is.

I find that the age old adage of underwater photographers to “get close” is never more apt than when in these slightly murkier conditions.

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