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Shiuna: ACC will remain free of influence, any attempt will be disclosed

The newly appointed President of the Anti-Corruption Commission Mariyam Shiuna has stated that the Commission will be free of any undue influence.

The President was speaking at the first news conference by the Commission since the new appointments to the Commission and stated that any pressure exerted on the Commission will be disclosed and that the Commission will refrain from being caught up in the culture of influencing the Commission’s work that has previously existed in the country.

“We admit that this culture of influencing the Commission exists, but the five members of the Commission will remain steadfast in our commitment to not be influenced. We will also reveal any attempts to make such moves and will not be hesitant in reporting anyone.” Said Shiuna.

Shiuna’s words come accusations made towards the Commission that it was heavily influenced by the previous administration that hindered its work. The Commission had also investigated a corruption case involving the Commission’s former President Hassan Luthfy.

The current members of ACC are:

  • Mariyam Shiuna – Nedhunge, Addu city, Hithadhoo
  • Fathimath Anoola – G. Vadinolhuge
  • Aishath Abdulla – Rolegoalge, Lh. Hinnavaru
  • Ali Ashraf – Dhaftharu No. 3366
  • Ibrahim Shakeel – Dhaftharu No. 3654

Shakeel was appointed to the Commission on August 25 after the previous President Luthfy resigned from his post. The remaining members Ashraf, Anoola, Shiuna, and Aishath were appointed after the terms of the previous members expired in September.

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