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Shashi Tharoor works on book in the Maldives

Thiruvananthapuram: Congress leader Dr Shashi Tharoor’s 19th book, The Hindu Way: An Introduction to Hinduism, goes on sale next week. He is in the Maldives, giving final touches to the book, reckoned to be a sequel to, Why I am a Hindu.

Known for his dedicated work, Dr Tharoor has been on the island, almost incommunicado, less than 30 minutes from his home constituency, as his party men vied among themselves to attack him for his ‘pro-Narendra Modi’ remarks. On Wednesday, he broke his silence, to tweet his support for Rahul Gandhi’s comment on Kashmir being integral to India.

The former UN undersecretary-general and Union Minister, Dr Tharoor has been at pains to point out that he is no fan of Mr Modi and that he had used his skills as a writer and speaker to unleash the most trenchant criticism on the rightwing ideology propounded by the Prime Minister. Paradoxical Prime Minister and Why I am a Hindu were his last two offerings.

They have been critical of Modi and the Hindutva ideology. Given the trend, many feel the new book could be a sequel to his treatise on the beliefs and Hindu religion, celebrated in Why I am a Hindu.

Tharoor aides expect him to be back soon. The book is available for prepublication order on Flipkart and Amazon/eomjm

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