Shainee: Ibu being selected as candidate, a step towards political peace

Minister of Fisheries and Agriculture, Dr Mohamed Shainee has said that the oppositions electing the MP for Hinnavaru constituency, Ibrahim Mohamed Solih (Ibu) has their candidate in the Presidential Election is a step towards political peace in the country.

At the MDP Congress held yesterday, Ibu was select by the unanimous vote of all the attendees.

Talking to Sun Media today, Dr Shainee said that all this time, MDP wanted to create political unrest in the country by announcing a  candidate that didn’t meet the legal requirements. And Dr Shainee welcomed the MDP decision to leave that behind and choose MP Ibu as a candidate for the Presidential Election.

Dr Shainee said that the government wants to hold a competitive election as per the Constitution and would allow campaigns that take place within the law.

Speaking at PPM press conference today, the Vice President of the party, Abdul Raheem Abdulla said that they are not intimidated by opposition’s presidential and that incumbent President Abdulla Yameen Abdul Gayoom is sure to win the majority of votes at the Presidential Election.

Elections Commission of the Maldives has set the 2018 Presidential Election for 23 September.

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