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Seven runaway children returned to Hulhumale’ Fiyavathi

Seven children that ran away from the Hulhumale’Fiyavathi has been found by police.

Police stated that it had received a report around 7:10 in the morning that seven children had run away from the Hulhumale’ Fiyavathi. The children were later found on top of a fence near the Treetop Hospital in Hulhumale’. Police stated that the children had now been returned to theFiyavathi once again.

None of the children received any injuries during the situation.

A previous case of children housed at the Fiyavathi climbing the outer fence of the building had hit the news this week. Videos of the incident that showed police officers bringing back the children to the Fiyavathi had been circulated widely on social media.

An official from the Gender Ministry had stated to “Sun” that even though such incidents happened rarely, the Ministry was working with other related institutions and taking steps to prevent such incidents in the future.

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