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Second National Symposium on Decentralization commences

The second National Symposium on Decentralisation, hosted by Transparency Maldives, commenced on Wednesday.

The two-day event held at Kurumba Maldives was inaugurated by Minister of Finance Ibrahim Ameer.

Representatives of city councils, atoll councils, island councils and women’s committees are in attendance at the symposium.

The purpose of the event is to identify obstacles to decentralization in the Maldives and propose solutions to such problems. Discussions on steps to strengthen the decentralized system will take place during the symposium.

Executive Director of Transparency Maldives, Mariyam Shiuna, stated that the Maldives had neglected the system of decentralization in recent years.

She mentioned that a major difficulty faced in the past was the lack of attendance from high ranking officials in discussions concerning decentralization policies.

However, Shiuna revealed that the current administration and relevant institutions offered full cooperation.

Presenting the ongoing symposium as an example, Shiuna stated that the government’s support and participation in events hosted by civil society organizations were observable.

Transparency Maldives published a ‘decentralization review’ detailing the obstacles to establishing a decentralized system in the Maldives.

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