Save the Maldives: New Regime Turns to Tourism, Artificial Islands to Combat Rising Waters – Nature World News

In the age of climate change, Maldives finds itself at the mercy of the environment. The tropical paradise has become one of the most vulnerable places in the world in the wake of perpetually rising waters and coral bleaching that could transform the idyllic island nation into uninhabitable land.

While the former administration famously announced their plans to buy a new homeland to relocate the people of Maldives, the new regime led by president Abdulla Yameen is turning to a different arena to save the country from the perils of climate change: tourism.

According to a report from The Guardian, the nation will be focusing on mass tourism and mega-developments. There are plans to geo-engineer artificial islands, relocate populations to the larger existing islands and leave the smaller islands for modern developments, such as 50 new swanky resorts by 2018 that are expected to attract millions more tourists.

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