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Saudi to be biggest financial contributor to Maldives in 2019

The projected State budget for 2019 shows the financial aid pledged by Saudi Arabia will be the largest contribution by a single foreign State Maldives will receive in the coming year.

Ministry of Finance and Treasury wrote in the budget that Maldives will receive a projected USD 1 billion in non-reimbursable financial aid from its bilateral partners. Saudi Arabia is the biggest single contributor with its pledged MVR 169 million.

It has also been projected Maldives will receive an additional MVR 1 billion in loan aid from its bilateral partners. The biggest loan aid from a single foreign State is also expected to come from Saudi Arabia with the projected MVR 613 million in loan aid.

Saudi Arabia has and continues to fund a number of projects in the Maldives, including the King Salman Mosque. King Salman Mosque, once complete will be the biggest mosque in the Maldives. It is fully funded by the Saudi Arabian government.

Full details are available at the link below:


Source URL: Sun.mv

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Financial aid from Saudi Arabia invariably consists of funding for vast mosques and madrasas only so that these nutters can spread their intolerant wahabbi faith in every corner of the world. There will be no funding available for hospitals, universities, libraries, roads or airports but there will be unlimited funds available for the largest mosque in the world and the largest madrasa in the universe. So expect to receive funding for the King Salman mosque and the MBS madrasa for wahabbi studies. Let me remind you lemons that 15 of the 19 9/11 terrorists were Saudi nationals.


We need funding from India to build largest temple in male city and hulhumale. Hopefully our Maldivian agent Ahmed Nasheed alias ramakuttan will help on this effort. Thank you Nasheed for breaking the neck of Islam in this region