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Saudi grants additional USD 160 mln aid to Maldives

King Salman

King Salman of Saudi Arabia (R) greets President Yameen during his visit to the Maldives as the Saudi crown prince. PHOTO/PRESIDENT’S OFFICE

Saudi Arabia has granted additional USD 160 million aid for projects in the Maldives, Saudi-based ‘Arab News’ has reported.

According to the website, the amount is an addition to the USD 100 million given to developing the main airport in the Maldives and the USD 80 million to develop the reclaimed suburb Hulhumale, as per the pledges made by the Saudi Kingdom earlier.

“I thank King Salman, Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman and Saudi people for the new financing facility. King Salman has always pledged support for the development in the Maldives,” ‘Arab News’ quoted Maldives’ special envoy to Saudi Arabia, Abdullah Hameed.

The Saudi Fund for Development (SFD) had reported that the new financial aid is from the Saudi Arabia and the UAE in order to expand Maldives’ airports and fisheries.

SFD had duly noted that “the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the government of the UAE are following up on the current events in the Republic of Maldives,” and that the two countries “express their concern about all the disturbing security and stability in the Maldives and note that these events are an internal matter.”

Meanwhile, Hameed had assured the Saudi government by stating that: “under the constitution and in case of emergency, the President is vested with the power to ensure stability to ensure the rule of law and uphold the constitution.”

Late January, the Maldivian foreign minister Dr Mohamed Asim had met his Saudi-counterpart in Jeddah where he had acknowledged Maldives’ support to the Saudi Kingdom on the issued faced in the international arena. He had also thanked the government for their crucial role in contributing to the economic empowerment and development of the Maldives.

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