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“Saudi Arabia Buying Maldives’ Island For Islamist Training Facility?”


“[Saudi Arabia] Is Also Thinking Of Building A Base Consisting Of Three Islands In The Maldives And [Will Be Helped By] Pakistani Workers And High Officials”

“The Urdu daily notes that Saudi Arabia “is also thinking of building a base consisting of three islands in the Maldives and [will be helped by] Pakistani workers and high officials. Earlier, India had announced [its intention] to give 1.5 billion dollars to establish a big base on these islands. However, differences emerged between India and the Maldives on this agreement and later Saudi Arabia announced it was giving five billion dollars after the agreement. It not only gave support to the Maldivian economy but scholarships have also been granted to 50 students there, both girls and boys, who will go to Saudi Arabia for higher studies.

“Besides, ten big masajid and madaris [mosques and religious schools] would also be set up in the Maldives and all their expenses would be paid by the Saudi government. The Saudi government would get manpower for these projects from Pakistan.”

Source: Roznama Ummat (Pakistan), April 3, 2014.


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