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SanguTV fined MVR 100K for Mustafa’s comments

The private television channel, SanguTV has been fined MVR 100,000 for airing defamatory comments by Thimarafushi MP Mohamed Mustafa against President Abdulla Yameen Abdul Gayoom.

Airing comments which violate the Anti-Defamation Act by Mustafa previously also resulted in the imposition of fines on private channels RaajjeTV and VTV.

Broadcasting Commission has released its report on the decision to fine Sangu TV. It says the content aired by SanguTV on December 8, 2017, contains defamatory comments and lewd language directed at President Yameen.

It said the commission, therefore, made the decision to fine SanguTV by MVR 100,000 under Anti-Defamation and Freedom of Speech Act.

Sangu TV has also been instructed to issue a public apology.

VTV was fined MVR 400,000 for airing the same content.

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