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‘Same pattern’ in Maldives’ three high-profile cases, reveals inquiry commission

Husnu Suood

Investigations by the national commission into deaths and disappearances show links between the murders of parliamentarian Afrasheem Ali, blogger Yameen Rasheed and the disappearance of journalist Ahmed Rilwan.

President of the inquiry commission, Husnu Suood revealed this at a press conference on Sunday.

Noting that the three cases have the ‘same pattern,’ he said that there are ‘links’ between them.

However, Suood did not disclose any further details in the investigations.

Noting that the commission has taken statements from a number of individuals in the investigations, he highlighted that there is enough credible information to ‘conclude’ that there are links.

When questioned whether there have been any additional deaths to ‘cover up’ another, Suood said that he can only comment on the matter after experts look into the cases.

Suood, also revealed that experts with the US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), specializing in long-term cases, audio-visual investigation, and forensics, are to arrive within two weeks ‘to assist in the investigation.’

The president of the commission formed by incumbent President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih right after assuming office, further noted that the investigation into the death of parliamentarian Dr Afrasheem Ali halted shortly after former President Abdulla Yameen assumed office in 2013.

Following the initial investigation, police had forwarded cases of four additional individuals to the Prosecutor General’s Office for their alleged involvement in the murder.

However, a fresh investigation was launched in 2015 and Suood said that police has since gathered ‘new evidence’ in the case.

The former Attorney General also emphasized that despite the commission conducting independent investigations into the deaths and disappearances, that justice cannot be served without reforming the country’s judiciary.

Both Dr Afrasheem Ali and Yameen Rasheed were stabbed to death at night, at the stairwell of their respective homes. Afrasheem was murdered on 1st October 2012, while Yameen was stabbed 32 times on 23rd April 2017. Ahmed Rilwan has been missing since 8th October 2014, with police previously revealing that he was forced into a car at knife-point outside his apartment building that night.

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