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Sam Faiers shares bikini throwback to her first pregnancy as she counts down to Maldives holiday

SAM Faiers shared a picture from when she was pregnant with her baby boy Paul as she reminisced about her previous babymoon to the Maldives this weekend.

The reality star, 27, could be seen in a white bikini as she showed off her healthy tan and rested her hands on her bump whilst in her hotel bed.


Sam visited the Maldives after falling pregnant with her first child Paul

Former The Only Way Is Essex cast member Sam is preparing for another trip to the idyllic islands next year.

She wrote on Instagram: “Last time we were in the Maldives we were on our babymoon. I was pregnant with baby Paul. So excited to go back!”

Sam, who is also mother to daughter Rosie, one, was seen having a furious argument with her partner Paul, 30, in a recent episode of her ITVBe show The Mummy Diaries after he refused to let their son, three, join a nursery.

The couple were enjoying a romantic meal away from their children when Sam decided to carefully broach the subject of the tot taking his next steps.


Bringing up the subject gently by telling Paul about their son playing with a little girl on the beach, the reality star tentatively said: “I think that Paul is definitely ready for, like, a playgroup because really he only plays with Nelly and Arthur and us.”

She then said to the camera: “I really do think he would love it, three is a perfect age because it gives him a whole year before he goes to school just to get used to a routine and playing with other children.”

Although it seems that Paul has other ideas, as he replied: “The playschool thing I’m not too keen on. You know what it’s like with school when you go to school you are forced into a room with a load of people you don’t know and some people get on with school better than other people.

“You are just forced into it. You’ve just got to go, it’s not like you want to go.”

But Sam disagreed and remarked that trying it would be the best solution.

Sam Faiers has a huge row with boyfriend, Paul Knightley after admits he doesn’t want their three-year-old son, Paul, to join the nursery

She said: “We will never know unless we try. Baring in mind, a lot of people put their kids in nursery way sooner than we have, but I just feel like he’s really going to benefit from it in terms of all different activities that they do, playing with your peers and if he doesn’t like it then he doesn’t like it. I think we should try.”

Paul later said: “I get where Sam’s coming from, but [son Paul] doesn’t have to and he gets to be around us. I feel like he gets such an education from being around me as well, especially now that he can communicate so much.”

During the meal, Sam tried to reassure him: “I know what you are saying, he’s your baby and you just want him with you all the time, but I do think maybe it would actually be really nice for him.”


Paul looks unsure about the thought of sending his child to preschool

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