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SAA adds new non-stop flights to the Maldives

South African Airways are set to provide an extra 24 non-stop charter flights to the southern-most tip of the Maldives in October 2019…

Flying time cut in half

The non-stop flight which cuts out a stop-over in Malaysia has cut flying time from 16 hours to just seven hours.

“Holiday-makers can look forward to unrivalled luxury, pristine white sand beaches, and an amazing underwater world. The Maldives is undoubted, the obvious choice for a memorable holiday, especially over the cold South African winter,” says Tlali Tlali, Spokesperson for SAA.

This follows an agreement of an exclusive non-stop charter between SAA and Air Tour Operators (ATO) and the Ministry of Tourism in the Maldives for the first time on 20 years. The decision also forms part of an extensive turnaround strategy for the aircraft which is to increase utilisation of the aircraft.

“As part of the implementation of our turnaround plans, we are constantly seeking new and smart ways to manage costs, improve our revenues and bring more value to our customers. Internationally, SAA is a strong and preferred brand, which is renowned for quality service and reliability standards. These charters provide an ideal opportunity for us to optimise on aircraft utilisation.”

A huge boost in accessibility and tourism

The Maldives has long been a popular destination for South African holiday-makers but getting there was time-consuming requiring almost a full day’s travel.

With the convenience of connecting domestic flights to and from Johannesburg on all leading SA Airlines and the combined efforts of ATO and SAA, many more South Africans will be able to experience the beauty of the Maldives on the additional non-stop charter flights offering both Economy and Business class options. The flights will be operated by SAA using an A340.

The introduction of the non-stop flights in November created a much-needed avenue for increased tourism as the Maldives are a popular family holiday and honeymoon destination. When the charter flights were re-introduced in November Tourism Minister Moosa Zameer said in a press conference that the start of direct flights would provide a much-needed tourism boost to Atoll Addu.

“Flights from Africa would definitely provide a boost to tourism and trade in Addu. This would also give an added incentive to increase bed capacity in the Atoll,” Zameer explained.

The flights have been packaged with three resorts close to the airport and offer options of bed and breakfast, half board, and all-inclusive.

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