Riza allowed 15 minutes to respond to motion dismiss him from JSC

General Purpose Committee of People’s Majlis has made the decision to allow Guraidhoo MP Ibrahim Riza to respond to the motion to dismiss him from the Judicial Service Commission (JSC).

Riza was appointed to the JSC by the People’s Majlis in July 2014.

The General Purpose Committee made the decision to allow Riza 15 minutes to respond to the motion, following the same time allocated MP Qasim Ibrahim when a motion to dismiss him from the JSC was filed in 2013.

During the committee meeting this Wednesday, West Maafannu MP Mohamed Falah proposed total two hours for debate with 15 minutes set aside for Riza to respond to the dismissal motion. The proposal was seconded by Vaikaradhoo MP Mohamed Nazim – who submitted the dismissal motion against Riza on October 31.

The committee unanimously voted to allow the remaining 1 hour 45 minutes be allocated according to the percentage of lawmakers belonging to each political party and independent lawmakers.

Nazim said he filed the dismissal motion against Riza because failed to fulfil his constitutional obligations.

“Even though the Constitution obligates counsel to People’s Majlis regarding establishment of judicial justice and other court-related matters, he hasn’t provided counsel to the People’s Majlis major issues with the Maldivian justice system, and in matters citizens, the UN and the international community has pointed out lack of justice and is voicing concern regarding,” said Nazim.

The JSC is made up of:

  • A Supreme Court justice
  • Speaker of People’s Majlis
  • A High Court Judge
  • A lower court judge
  • A member of People’s Majlis
  • An ordinary citizen
  • President of the Civil Service Commission
  • An appointee of Maldivian President
  • Attorney General
  • An attorney-at-law

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